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Jantech - The institution of production and trade was established on 1St June 1995 as a private institution of one owner. The main aim of this working place was to product components made of artificial materials and metal processing on turning machines, with complementary trading activity.
Nowadays The Zp-H "Jantech" is a stable supplier of long series of products made of artificial materials and metal materials for large enterprise receivers.

The basic equipment of the factory is:

  • injection moulding press/machine used for processing artificial thermoplastic materials of the weight to 200 g,
  • turning machines with diameter up to 10mm and length up to 100 mm,
  • technical machines used for cutting and bending brass and copper tubes etc.,
  • specialist assembly machines.

The main clients are:
  • manufacture of induction coil
  • production of flowing, container and pressurised heaters of water
  • manufacture of heating elements